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Equinox - The time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the Earth. Finally, tag me before you leave! ;D


I am MarcusLowWeeYong
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Sunday, October 11, 2015
I'm back everyone! It's my 4th night here, which means..1/4 down! 12 more days before I can see my lovely bed again haha kidding. I mean I can see my family and friends (:
But anyway, army is so tiring! I'm so chaota now haha. Chaota means sunburnt in hokkien if you don't know! So today as usual had pt, but went swimming and ran 2.4km today. I hate running! But so thankful to have my buddy to encourage me all the time (: Thanks buddy!
I'll be receiving my wife tmr! Haha, not my actual wife, but my gun! It's going to be fun! Hopefully it will be like ps2. Haha nah it won't. But it will definitely be more interesting than running!
Oh yes, there are so many quizzes we have to do! Soooooo sian and time consuming! I just want to bathe and sleep asap when I'm back in my bunk zzz.
It's getting late! I have to wake up at 5am tmr! Fall in at 545. Day 5, here I come!!
Talk to you guys soon! Bye!


Thursday, October 8, 2015
It's my enlistment day today! Woke up at 9+ today and we left house around 10. We took a ferry to tekong and the ride was about 15min! My family and I walked around tekong, then I went for lunch. I got separated from them and I went to collect my pack and went to my bunk and unpacked. I'm in Ulysses 3204! My section mates seem nice and friendly! I have a nice view from my bunk haha.
We had dinner around 7+ and it was not bad (rice, chicken and some fish cake). We had 20min to eat, clean up, assemble, so it was quite rushed.
Oh yes, I was quite lucky cos I didn't have to cut my hair again. Some guys had to cut their hair again even though they had already shaved it. Lucky me!
It's quite a slacky day cos I had quite a lot of free time, but I'm a little tired. Hopefully I can sleep early tonight!
I'll update you guys tmr if I can! Bye!


Wow,  it has been a really long time since I last posted. Almost 5 years! That's crazy! I even managed to reread all my blog posts (including my old blog) in 2 days!
So here's a quick summary of what happened these 5 years. 
I went to Ngee Ann Poly and pursued a diploma in Engineering Science. Not to brag or anything, I graduated not only with a diploma, I even received a diploma with merit! Merit means that I was top 10% in my course! Which is only 4 people actually. Okay, I shall not brag anymore in case some people complain. 
During my poly year 2, I had the best day of my life. It's a secret!
For more information of what I've been doing for the past 5 years, you can check out my instagram account: @marco_low. Please remember to follow me and maybe some likes too! 
I guess facebook isn't that popular anymore (but I do share links occasionally), and twitter too (but I still tweet once in awhile), so I'll be instagramming more often!
Sorry I don't do pen spinning anymore (because my pen broke ): ) and I don't have piano/drums lessons anymore.
I don't play LoL, so don't bother asking me to play with you. But I still play dota! It's dota2 now btw! 10v10 is the best mode in dota2, so you can ask me to play with you! Btw, can you believe that Germaine is playing with me too!
PS2 (planetside 2, it's not playstation 2 haha) is the best game ever! THUMBS UP MAAAAAAAAAN!!!! You can ask me to play with you, but I'm already level 81 (not bragging)! Oh yes, I love TSUM TSUM! Please send me hearts!!
So now, I am going to enlist tomorrow! I hope I will be fine in there, but I'm sure I'll do great!
It's 1am now, so late! I have to wake up at 9am tomorrow. GGBOYS!
Ok it's late guys, so cya! Bye!

EDIT: This is one of the longest posts ever! Remember to tag me! I'M WATCHING YOU


Monday, November 29, 2010
Finally back from cruise - Legend of the Seas!

Although it's a short 4 days 3 nights cruise, it still felt like a good holiday. After being in the aircon and windy decks for these few days, Singapore weather feels hot.

The first day was exciting. I couldn't believe that we were going for the cruise already, I thought there was still long before it. When the ship left, I didn't really want to leave Singapore! Lunch at WindJammer was still okay. Not too bad, at least it's buffet xD

Spent most of the time on board listening to music! The musicians are good, same goes for the performers! I love the shows in the theater esp the singers and dancers, can see that they put in alot of effort rehearsing.

Eating at the Romeo and Juliet is quite an experience I would say. Fine dining for the 3 nights! However, alot of snacking at the Solarium =x Fries, Pizza, Burger! Who can resist! Really bad to eat and sleep with a full stomach, the food doesn't digest! >.>

Lucky for us, the cabin was quite okay. My cousin's cabin was shaking due to the vibrations from the engine =O Had a window view, nothing much to see though.. only the black night and sea. The ship was traveling quite fast! Good thing, I could fall asleep.

The stop over at Penang was so-so. Went off the ship to do some shopping. Actually, we hired a van to bring us around but it was kinda boring so we decided to go shopping. Didn't really do much at Penang. The ship also stopped over at Port Kelang but we didn't go down as it was not really near to anything city (about a 30 min ride to KL).

Anyway, the trip was mainly food, music, walk around, sleep! Lol really interesting to live on board a ship though! Although I'm speaking like a didn't go on a cruise before =/ I did went but I can't remember much about it.

Finally, I'm glad to be back in SG! Back to the hectic life though.. School homework, projects..
Definitely gain some weight after this eating spree trip! Need to go and exercise! Haha bye!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010
In the blink of an eye, two months has passed already. This year has passed really quickly.

My Facebook status:

Omg, it's scary to suddenly realise almost 8 months of this year has passed already. And that there's only about 4 more months left.

It's like.. OMG! 4th Oct EOYs start le? (excluding HMT) That's too fast.. Less than a month away, I can't believe it. I really have to start working hard and study.. O levels is less than a year away already.

Anyway, I think blogging is like not popular anymore? Don't really hear people talking about blogging or stuff. Now, mostly facebook. That should be it. I have to do my homework!


P.S. Omg, I just scared myself. I thought after Aug would be Oct already >.>


Thursday, June 10, 2010
Haaaaaaa, I'm back for an update! Seems like time passed very quickly! It's June already, to speak of it, June Hols! Sadly, I have not touch any homework =X

Well, I just got both of my lower wisdom teeth pulled out 2 days ago. Not say that scary, but there was sure pain and blood! The day following the operation, my left wound was bleeding non stop that I had to go back to the dentist for another stitch.. After that, it started to hurt quite badly. At least, I'm fine now! (:

This hols is gonna be quite busy due to the Kaleidoscope concert on 3rd july! 3 weeks of practices and sectionals. This week is the only "free week" (so called) however, I spent most of it at home resting ):

Hopefully, I can stop procrastinating and complete my hwk! Hahas, I think that's all? xD



Friday, January 15, 2010
Hmm, yea! So I am for an update! Last post was pathetic 2 mths ago... Before my choir trip. Speaking of that, u can go view my photos on the trip on facebook!

Currently, in Sec 3. I got my combination of 3A which is triple science and ss/geog. There is going to be a Choir camp during the march hols. Hope for the best this year to choir, me and everyone!

It's quite late now, so I'll go and sleep! Good night people!

Edit: Quite surprising I had 100+ posts the previous blog and less than 20 here! >.> Well nvm. And I'm lazy to change my info! So bare with it!